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We would like to ask you to read the following agreement carefully before you accept the terms and conditions. When you accept those terms, they legally bound you. There may be some changes in content of this agreement in the future, and if you continue using our site, it will be considered as you agree to them as well.

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Accepting the Agreement and Installing the Software

After accepting this agreement, you have to install our software and open an account, with all the information demanded, but keep in mind that you have to provide the accurate information only. You can open only one account, and in case we discover more than one account, or that you provided inaccurate data, you may lose all your winnings, among other things.

This document is written in English. If your version is on some other language, in case of any dispute only the original English version is to be used as legal.

We use Euro for all transactions and all prices are in Euros. If you would like to use some other currency, you should change the currency from the menu provided.

Questions and notices

Any question you would like to present to us you can send by e-mail, and you will receive the answer within two working days.

We also provide the chat room support service,

Any notice sent would be answered within 5 working days, if you provide your username, and our notices to you will be sent on e-mail address you provided during registration.

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