Web Privacy Policy

Our privacy policies are very straight forward. We value our visitor's privacy and for us the non disclosure of your personal credentials is very important. Establishing this, our server preserves your personal credentials through cookies. The usage of cookies is not authorized to our employees and we gather your personal data through cookies only when a survey is conducted.

In this case, we save your personal information because so that we do not get repetitive results because it will distort our survey. Rest assured our visitors that information is saved in such a manner that personally we will not be able to identify you. The data we save about you is like the one in below:

Which type of data we collect?

  1. We identify your domain from which you are connected. For instance, if you are using an internet connection which is private or if you are connected to internet via your college network like.
  2. We also save the IP address. For our visitors who do not know what an IP address is, it is basically a certain name or specific set of numbers that are given to your computer when you browse internet.
  3. We also store information about when did you access.

We promise our customers that this data is only stored to help us in determining your preferences and browsing behavior so that we could satisfy you in the best manner. It is important to mention again that we will not be able to identify you individually and the data is stored in such a manner that we cannot view each person's data individually. We are also very careful and take necessary precautions to prevent your data from the usage by other organizations.

We also want to tell you that the cookies are only provided by you if you fill a survey. However, you can eliminate these cookies from your internet settings. You can check with your browser's settings in case if you want to disable cookies. In such cases, you will not be giving any information about yourself.

We also want to make some other things about the survey that it depends on you whether you want to fill our survey or not. We do not take information from children. However, as stated by the law, if they have parents' consent they can submit their personal information.

Data Encryption

We have state-of-the-art technologies in place which help us in protecting your data and we also have advanced encryption technologies.

Disclaimer to other external links

You may find links to other websites on our page. We do not guarantee any safety measures regarding your personal information on the links which are posted on our websites. So, we advise our visitors to take notice of that and do not disclose your information unnecessarily.

The policies written in this section depicts our current security measures and procedures. So, please check this section regularly for updates.

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